Super Red Arowana

$350 - $1900

Buy Super Red Arowana online from Arowana Fish Home at an inexpensive price. We provide the best quality and healthy Arowana to our customers. The popularity of super red Arowana is really developing in recent years. Indonesian native exotic wildlife water was practiced among the ornamental fish Kerobokan foreign-made kind of koi, goldfish, and louhan. Arguably far only Arowana is the only local product that can contend with popular decorative fish received outside the country to be the Best Ornamental Fish.


Very feasible if the Arowana was enacted a Pride of Indonesia - the royal pride of ornamental fish.

Unlike most other popular spiritual fish which is the result of overseas expansion, Super Red Arowana is the original resident of the Kapuas River in West Borneo. Best of Berkeley red Arowana is the best allowance, as well as the most expensive of the Arowana family, scattered all across the world. Siluk red, so it is called in Borneo, including in shielded varieties and listed in CITES (Convention of International Trade on Endanger Species of Flora & Fauna) because its availability in nature is very cramped.


The Super Red Arowana is the most well-known and analyzed after Arowana variety. Starting from Kalimantan (Kapuas River and Sentarum Lake).

These Arowana have rich red colour against an adverse base. Multiple colours will see in the fish varying from Reds, Purples, Greens, Yellows, Oranges and many more. They are very slow to produce the final colour with their best body colour normally not being displayed until 3 years or older.

It is very difficult to adjudicate the colour that will be already in the grown-up fish and due to the long construction period and unique mixtures of colour, these fish are often expensive and sought after in higher sizes.

Our Selection offers a pick of continued quality Arowana from any of the farms in Asia, and we will do our greatest to match the colours you are looking for based on genetics. However, for special colour requests, the fish will want to be at least 15inches or greater.

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