Silver Arowana

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The silver Arowana is a South American freshwater fish of the family Osteoglossidae. Silver arowanas are sometimes kept in aquariums, but they're predatory and need a really large tank.

The generic name Osteoglossum means "bone-tongued" and therefore the specific name bicirrhosum means "two barbels"

This fish has relatively large scales, an extended body, and a tapered tail, with the dorsal and anal fins extending all the thanks to the tiny tail fin, with which they are nearly fused. Its maximum total length is typically considered to be 0.9 m (3.0 ft), but there are statements of somebody up to 1.2 m (3.9 ft). Unlike the black Arowana, the silver Arowana has an equivalent coloring throughout its lifespan. Adults of the two species are very similar but can be separated by meristic.

Arowanas are seldom called 'dragon fish' by aquarists because their shiny, armor-like scales and paired barbels are like descriptions of dragons in East Asian folklore.


The species is additionally called 'monkey fish' due to its ability to leap out of the water and capture its prey. It usually swims near the water surface expecting potential prey. Although individuals are found with the remains of birds, bats, mice, and snakes in their stomachs, its main diet consists of crabs, insects, smaller fish, and other animals that swim on the water facade, which its drawbridge-like mouth is completely adapted for feeding on.

Silver Arowana Appearance:

The Silver Arowana is a much sought-after fish, normally the crowning jewel in any collection.

They are large and silver-colored and may get older to 4 feet within the wild, however, when kept in captivity you ought to expect them to grow to around 3 feet. In terms of weight, the typical Arowana will weigh around 4.6kg (10lb) when fully matured.

Its most distinguishing characteristic is its jawline. Affectionately mentioned as a ‘drawbridge’, their mouth is almost vertical.

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