Chili Red Arowana

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Buy Chili Red Arowana Fish online from Arowana Fish Home at an affordable price. Arowanafishhome provides a variety of Arowana Fishes. Chili Red Arowana is one of the more common fish among Asian Arowana. Because of its exquisite color. With its full of fish fin even when immature and red lips and barbels, no hobbyists will be able to resist the appeal to own one of them. And it is believed that it will bring prosperity and money to the owner.

Chili Red Arowanas Fish is one of the most alluring and eye-getting varieties of fishes that we are getting from different marks of nature. Red Arowana is named based on their unusually regular cold red shading. If you want to buy chili red Arowana fish, then don't be trouble about its price. The chili redfish suppliers in the USA will help you get your necessities fulfilled in no time.

Habitat and Tank Conditions:

These fish are original to Southeast Asia and swim in slow stirring rivers and streams. Therefore, they need a tropical freshwater aquarium if you need to keep one. The warm water is usually acidic but can be chalky in some parts.


Physical, morphological highlights referenced above as of now caught a gander at the hour of Arowana was a child, so it tends to be used as a source characterization to recognize them when he was youthful. Plus, modern chili red Arowana has lush base shading with edgewise golden kelp, while red blood has would, in general, overlook fragile and like modern RTG. Blood Red body likewise looks more balanced than the Red Chili young. The development of shading on the chili Red and blood Red is additionally different. Although red shading single, however, the hues are usually a similar phase of improvement. Typically, both are changing orange shading. A few times confirmed this not a little red shading that has a pale shading stayed until as long as eight years, at that point converted into a full red inside a month.

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