Red Sea REEFER 350 White Saltwater Aquarium Setup

$1984 - $2104

he REEFER Aquarium 350 by Red Sea with its 275 liters volume, 120 cm glass basin length, 50 cm width and 53 height the second largest model of the REEFER series. An perfect match for collectors of corals and exotic fish, for breeders and determined beginners. This model is just the aquarium you might be looking for. It also has extra room in the cabinet and can be used for additional accessories. We have the Red Sea Reefer Aquarium 350 White in stock! The REEFER System is a new concept. It includes the aquarium, the cabinet, sump and a fully integrated water management system, while allowing a personal preference for all of the other equipment, such as lighting, skimmers, circulation pumps and controllers. The REEFER comes in 5 models, ranging from a compact NANO to a full size 150cm 5´ unit. The basic features are identical for all models, the main difference being the volume of the sump, which varies proportionally with the size of the aquarium and an additional ventilated chiller compartment for this model, the previous model REEFER 250 and the largest model REEFER 450. The REEFER is based on many years of experience, designing, building and maintaining Reefer aquarium systems and incorporates many of the technologies originally developed for Red Sea’s all-in-one Max coral reef systems. Red Sea aims with Reefer aquariums to provide a solid foundation for the advanced hobbyist and for beginners to create a personalized, fully featured marine reef aquarium.

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