Blood Red Arowana

$350 - $2500

Buy Blood Red Arowana online from Arowana Fish Home At a very affordable price. The cost set above included performance. To arrange our fish a just click on the buy now or add to the CART button will be redirected where you will have the option to present your delicacies and submit your request. The aquarium must have a strong-fitting and secured lid that is extremely strong. Arowanas are eager jumpers and can easily knock a heavy drink lid onto the floor!

Tank requirements:

The tank should in a low-traffic area and to keep away the Arowana from getting startled by sudden changes. Lighting should preferably be dimmed by quickly turning it on or off. A scared or excited Arowana can easily damage itself.

Asian Arowana alternatives include Cross Back Golden, Super Red, Red Tail, Golden, and Green Arowana.

Blood Red Arowana Appearance:

The first thing to note about their appearance is their extent. Fish can reach an enormous 35 inches once established. It is too large for most people to keep and is one of the main simplifications.

Asian Arowanas are estimated an endangered class in the wild and listed on CITES. Fish that obtained are not wild-caught, but fish are born and grown on fish farms, predominantly in Asia.

Red Asian Arowana is another popular category of Asian Arowanas sold in Malaysia. The nation of origin for the Red Asian Arowana is Indonesia. Thanks to financial captive breeding, this variety is now being widely produced and sold in Malaysia.

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