Crossback Golden Arowana

$390 - $2900

Cross Back Arowana could also be a natural colorant variant that's originated from the Bukit Merah Lake in Perak, Malaysia. The Cross Back Arowana is that the foremost beautiful golden color variant of the Asian Arowana.

Cross Back Golden Arowana has good quality. Cross Back Golden scales that are studious, glittering, large, distinctive, and able. They gain more colorization as they grow into adulthood. Cross back golden Asian Arowana grows old to 90 centimeters (35 inches). It’s just the only one you will always wish to have and with a moderate price. The Asian Arowana may be quiet seafood that's found in Southeast Asia, where they sleep in slow-moving waters, waterways, and streams.

Cross back Golden Arowana is far and away one among the foremost highly sought-after Arowana breeds thanks to its brilliant gold color metallic sheen that shines when viewed under full-spectrum aquarium lighting. The fish could also be a favorite cross back species popular among Arowana fanatics and since of its unique feature that projects an awesome display of coloration; little question it commands one among the very best-selling prices. The breed is graded consistently with its color intensity and what makes the cross-back special is that the road of golden scales basically runs until the most leading of its body crossing the upper topmost scale.


Acquiring a well-developed flawless specimen and finding one that fulfills the standards of a perfect fish is indeed very rare (to a particular extent exotic) as sometimes there's always a clear defect seen on every individual fish just like the dreaded drop condition happening on a variety of the maturing fish and thus the protruding jaw effect which can really hurt the general aesthetic value. Also relying on the arrangement of the scales and proportion of its weight against the linear measure, a well-balanced type is typically hard to return by and since of those factors; it's made the choice process even more delicate if you plan to seek out one matching your requirements. Sometimes during a pool of comparable cross back Arowana fry born from equivalent parents, each and every one can develop to become a singular individual fish and there are several factors like foods and nutrition, living environment, tank size, water quality with all playing an area towards the event process.


The variety first made its appearance a couple of years ago in Malaysia and Singapore and today, it's one of the very best high-quality fish that might easily fetch a couple of thousand dollars, sometimes even more. Another kind of golden fish is that the red-tailed Golden Arowana. Although somehow it's considered a lower grade specimen commanding a fraction of the price you'd buy across back, nevertheless they still share the same level of attention enjoyed by all Arowana hobbyists.

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