Green Arowana

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Green Arowana is also referred to as the Malaysian green Arowana is native to the freshwater reservoirs of Malaysia. This Arowana more relevant Arowana species that quite common across aquarium hobbyists.

Green Arowana’s general appearance

Appearance-wise they're not very different from Asian Arowana. In fact, a few differences include green shade on the scales and their region for natural occurrence. Color-wise they're not apparently green but are somewhat pale silver. The said green coloration is perfectly apparent under florescent lighting and a blue backdrop.

Green Arowana diet

One thing you ought to confine in mind that they're fairly difficult to rear.

In my experience, this is often the foremost difficult Arowana I even have ever kept. green Arowana is extremely choosy towards their feed. they're going to go without food for weeks if their favorite food isn't given. This species is particularly stubborn.

There are several various things that you simply can try. But you ought to give them in small quantities. Fish, shrimp, pigeon breast, lamb organs, etc. easily available meats are great options. Frozen counterparts of those could also benefit just they increase your efforts to thaw and convey meats at temperature. Live feeds like small fishes, rodents, small amphibians, insects also are good options. But they're not easily available and there's always a hygiene issue with these.

Green Arowana tank

They are massive fishes then they require large aquariums. they're going to suffer from stunted growth and should die of organ failure if are kept in cramped housings. As per their size, an aquarium 8 feet long 3 feet wide and three feet high are going to be adequate. So, but that won’t serve your fish for long and there'll be filtration issues also.

Approximately a 1500 liters aquarium is what you'll need for housing this behemoth.

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