Australia Arowana

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Essential to both Australia and South-Central New Guinea. The Australian arowana is one of two varieties of arowanas that come from this area.

Their body is roofed in coppery scales accented with small pink edges, which sometimes appear as pink spots on the fins. Similar to its silver sibling, the Australian arowana has the potential to grow to almost 3 feet long.

Most consider the Australian arowana to be the “bad boy” of the Arowana world because of their tendency to wear leather jackets and drive fast motorcycles with a fiery personality.

Because of this, keeping Aussie arowanas during a tank with others is often a true challenge.


This species requires tons of swimming space and decor isn't really critical. Filtration must be strong and efficient, as if the fish are kept in sub-standard conditions for prolonged periods, they will develop problems with their eyes and gills. Regular water changes must be strictly observed for an equivalent reason. The tank should also have a very large, tightly fitting cover, as the fish are mighty jumpers.


Many hobbyists feed their aros large quantities of live “feeder” fish, but there is no real benefit to this, and there is always the danger of introducing disease or parasites when feeding live fish. Better alternatives include wigglers, gut-loaded mealworms, waxworms, and frozen and dried foods like bloodworm, prawn (leave the shells on), mussel, and pellets. Try to keep the diet varied, or the fish may become hooked into a specific sort of food. While the fish are below around 12inch long, the simplest rate of growth are often achieved by feeding small amounts several times each day. Above 12? in length, the fish only require a single feeding per day. Remove any uneaten food after each feeding in order to keep water quality.

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